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Our new Mnemoniker application is now complete and available for download! This program is a password generator: it generates passwords so you don't have to remember them. You simply type in an easy-to-remember phrase (or have the program store a phrase for you) and a single number. Then, Mnemoniker generates a cryptographically secure password for you. Next time you need it, just re-open the program and regenerate the same exact password! The password generation algorithm is deterministic, meaning it does the same thing each time, so as long as you enter the same data, you get the same password.

You might ask, "But wait! What if a hacker steals my files? Can they generate all my passwords?" The answer is no. When you first sign into Mnemoniker, you will create a unique user ID, and a certificate will be generated. If your files are moved to a different computer, your certificate will break, and any passwords generated will be completely different! Even if a hacker obtains your actual computer, they would still need to know your user ID to obtain your passwords.

You can download Mnemoniker for free here (applications cannot be posted directly on webs due to file type restrictions):

Download Mnemoniker 

Software Downloads

Green Lightning Software has worked on several projects of varying sizes. These projects have all yielded high quality business software for you to use free of charge. While we do not yet have any commercial products, there are currently two in the works. One is called Triple Helix Cryptography, a customizable cryptography system. Click the "THC" link in the menu bar above for more information on that. The second project is Mnemoniker, a password generator (some may consider it "diceware" but it is not exactly in that category). We are also working on a commercial version of the free Sudoku editor seen on this page, but which is much more user-friendly and can also generate and solve puzzles.

Number Theory Calculator

Here it is, the program to fulfill all of your basic numerical needs. If you're taking a class in number theory, or just like to have fun working with numbers, this application will be invaluable. I have dubbed it "The Computiator." It is capable of factorizing and classifying numbers, and it can also compute greatest common factors/divisors, tau, sigma, and phi values for numbers up to 8 digits, as well as perform modular arithmetic. In addition, if your mouse has a wheel, you can use it to advance through numbers very quickly. This is helpful if you need to compare values over a large range of numbers.

A note about installation: the Computiator is written in Java, a cross-platform programming language. This means it can run on Windows, Linux, Mac, or what have you. The bad news is that it needs the JVM, the Java Virtual Machine, installed in order to run. The good news is that the JVM is absolutely free. Click here to go to Oracle's website and get the JVM. If your computer isn't ancient, chances are it already has the JVM installed. Plenty of modern applications are written in Java.

The Computiator is stored in a zip file, so you will need a zip utility such as WinRAR or Power Archiver in order to open it. Simply extract the files anywhere on your computer (ideally, into a new folder) and run the .jar file. The 'lib' folder in the zip file needs to be in the same directory as the jar file in order for the program to work.

Download The Computiator 

Pseudoku Puzzle Editor

Ever heard of Sudoku puzzles? Our Pseudoku program can load, save, and edit them easily. It features error detection and custom color support, as well as arrow-key navigation. It cannot generate or solve puzzles at this time; its main purpose is to enter puzzles from books and then solve them in the program so you don't have to write in the book itself. You can also use it to create your own puzzles if you are so inclined. The best part is that it's totally free.

Download Pseudoku