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On this page, you'll find news about upcoming games, downloads of games we have created, as well as links to free games that are very high quality and definitely worth playing.

New Game Announcement!

We here at Green Lightning Software (and by we, I actually mean myself) are proud to announce that major development of a new game is in progress. Hypershift will be our first commercial game, a tower defense game with a twist - multiple dimensions! Instead of creeps attacking you all in one dimension, they attack from up to five possible dimensions, all along the same path. This means you must be ever more vigilant in your defense. Along the way, we offer a variety of towers and other goodies you can use to defend yourself. There will be a free demo available as well. We will announce a lot more about gameplay and pricing as it gets closer to release.

Check out the blog for more details on the game's development!

Hyperblob (2006)

Check out our very first game! It's free, and if you like puzzle games, it should be right up your alley. The object is to help a white blob escape a room filled with various widgets. The blob moves and impacts the widgets, which each have a different effect on the blob. There is a gap in the wall that you must escape through. Good luck! 

Download Hyperblob